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Esthetician Secrets You Need To Know

The skin is one very fundamental part of the human body. This organ plays vital roles like protecting internal organs from harmful elements and regulating body temperature. Hence, you should keep it as healthy as possible by washing and moisturizing it regularly. 

If your skin fails to respond to basic treatments, you may need to seek help from estheticians. Although estheticians can help you obtain and maintain glowing skin, here are some secrets that they could be keeping from you. 

Picking Your Face Is a Wrong Idea

When a pimple pops up, most people feel tempted to squeeze it. By doing this, you can spread the bacteria from the affected pore to other areas of your skin. You can also push the pus further under your skin which can cause a worse breakout or inflammation.

Popping your pimple can cause acne and delay your body’s natural healing process. The dark scars from picking can last for weeks or even months. Although your esthetician may not say it, we will always know if you have been picking your skin once we see the infected sores. 

You Can Get the Similar Results at Home

You don’t need to visit the spa as often as you do. You can prolong the time between your spa visits by following a proper skin treatment regime at home. Clean your skin daily with a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type. 

Introduce massage into your skincare routine during serum application to improve circulation, tone your muscles and remove toxins. Don’t forget to do your mask treatment and exfoliate to remove dead scales and achieve brighter, smooth skin. 

Getting a Good Skin Begins From the Inside

No matter the number of products your esthetician recommends, you might not get results if you fail to watch your diet. Eating processed and high sugar foods can damage your skin, but chemical-free whole foods improve your skin condition. 

Lean protein, fruits, and vegetables will help reduce stress on your skin. Eat more foods with anti-inflammatory effects like:

• Turmeric 

• Salmon

• Fresh berries

• Mushrooms

Take a minimum of eight glasses of water daily to keep the skin firm and decrease wrinkles. Ensure that you also exercise regularly to increase blood flow and get rid of toxins through sweating. 

Extractions Hurt A Lot

Extraction is the process of clearing bacteria-filled pores to clarify the skin. When we perform extractions, we can either use hands or a small stainless steel tool, depending on the location of the pore. 

Be aware that you might shed a tear when the esthetician performs extractions on the sensitive parts of your skin. People have different pain thresholds, so experiences vary. The length of time the debris has stayed in your pores and when last you had extractions will also determine how much pain you feel. 

Be Cautious of an Esthetician With a Bad Skin

 Everyone, including estheticians, struggles with skin problems at one point in life. So, if your esthetician had some skin problem that they later solved, you might want to give them a chance. Such a person will best handle your case since they have first-hand experience. 

But if a professional seems to have a recurring skin issue, this speaks a lot about their self-care routine. If the esthetician can’t take care of their skin, they might not be in a position to take proper care of yours. 

You Should Adjust Your Skin Care Routine as You Age

Estheticians may fail to tell you that your skin care routine at 20 years may not work when you get to 60. Note that your pores get larger with age, and they tend to trap more sweat and skin products. 

In your 20s, focus more on cleansing, exfoliating your skin, applying moisturizer and sunscreen. When you hit 30, you will need to add an eye cream. People 40 years and above need regular professional checkups, and you should start introducing anti-aging products.

In your 50s, your esthetician should advise on the best hormone-related skin changes and age-related treatments. Above 60 years, your skin will benefit from a heavier moisturizing and vitamin C skin regime. You will also need more regular extractions.

Once You Create a Skin Care Routine Maintain It

Note that once you create a skincare routine (, you need to follow it consistently to maximize the results. If you find products that work for your skin, stick to them and avoid switching up products. 

You also need to complete your routine in a particular order for it to be effective. For instance, start with cleansing, toning, applying serum, and then moisturizing. Apply the products from the lightest to the heaviest.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results.

If you start using some skincare products and expect a younger look tomorrow, you might be disappointed. Your skin can take about two to eight weeks to get used to the new routine, and only then can you start seeing results. But over time, you will achieve clear, acne-free, and healthier skin. 

The Bottom Line

A professional can help you care for your skin and keep it looking radiant for years to come. But, beware of the above secrets that estheticians keep from their clients to help you make an informed decision.

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