The 3 Elements of Trivium and Their Importance


The Trivium method of learning, on which classical education depends, is vital to understand how the minds of children are influenced to make them better humans. If you have no idea about the same but intend to impart classical education to your ward, this post aims to provide a basic idea about the three elements used in the method of learning.

After knowing what it is and how it can be beneficial to your ward in the long run, you can get him/her enrolled in a reputable school like the Providence Classical School to get an upgraded classical educational experience.

What is the Trivium?

The Trivium uses three modes of learning or ‘paths’, as they are popularly known, to impart education. Thus, a Classical Trivium model can be divided into General Grammar, Formal Logic and Classical Rhetoric, which can also be referred to as Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom, or Ontology, Epistemology and Ethics.

While Grammar is mainly concerned with the knowledge or input that should be fed into the minds of the students, Logic, understanding or epistemology is the way this knowledge can be processed to generate the output, rhetoric or wisdom, commonly known as ethics.

With this model in practice, the Trivium aims to impart education by following the basic principles of life, as meted out by the Holy Bible.

Grammar or Input or Knowledge

It’s referred to as the art of combining various symbols and the medium for communication. Just the way phonetics is used to combine sounds and spellings are used to combine words, grammar is used to combine different words and form the basics of communication to improve perception. It’s all the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ that lay the foundation for any kind of communication.

Logic or Understanding

Logic is regarded as the art of our thinking process. It’s the ‘why’ that answers the queries presented by Grammar. You should know why you’re doing something while doing it and logic or reasoning will help you. While grammar will help you perceive objects in the world, logic will aid you in learning more about them to support the idea presented by the grammar.

Rhetoric or Wisdom

Rhetoric answers the ‘hows’ of our basic perception and helps us use grammar and logic to communicate more effectively. However, it may also lead us towards deception and manipulation to win an argument without giving much importance to the truth.

If you want your child to be educated in the Trivium model, you can consider sending him/her to a classical school to learn the basic modes of communication and enhance his/her thought process.