Why It is Important to Develop Language Skills in Early Childhood


It is an eternal truth that language is the easiest way to communicate. From the infancy phase to toddler stage a child learns many skills from their parents. One such skill is learning to speak language prevailing in their home.  Hence, a baby is first prompted to speak in their mother tongue. Later on, the child learns to speak various languages when stepping in their school area.

Unknowingly, in many homes still parents don’t give much importance to improve the language learning skills of their child. As they find it sheer waste of their child to be a multi lingual. Today, in education spectrum language evaluation plays a major role in determining a student’s learning skills. Hence, parents need to be concerned about their child developing skills to learn languages other than their mother tongue.

More reasons stating importance of developing language skills in early childhood:

  • Helps us to communicate with child more easily. A child needs to learn good behavior traits from their parents and family members. They are able to follow their elder’s words only when they understand their spoken words.

  • A great aid in developing speech. Interaction with others need to be learnt when baby start’s understanding words spoken by people surrounding them. When they grow, they can easily make others understand their needs, likes and dislikes.
  • Child gets actively involved in playing games with family members. This can only happen when the child is clearly able to know the words spoken by people while playing games.
  • Helps the child to read and write with ease. When the child speaks the language easily, then surely will be able to read and write without any trouble. Children who has difficulty in speaking often lag behind in school studies. They are able to enhance their vocabulary to a great extent in a short phase and thus they can easily achieve high grades.

Surely learning to speak helps greatly in brain and cognitive development. To learn more than one language in childhood has become essential to stay ahead in the competitive world. Moreover, it helps in overall development of your child which is greatly appreciated while embarking as a student in prestigious educational institute.

While getting your child enrolled in a famous school in Denver like International School of Denver, it helps greatly while your child is multi lingual. Hence, it will be of great help to develop your child’s learning and speaking skills in many languages to stay ahead in their academic session.